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Quality policy


  The Terwa Group’s main production facility is in Cristian, a medium-sized town near Braşov located in western Romania. Over 250 highly skilled employees are working at this ultramodern production unit, which has a total area of 10,000 square meters.

The organization is entirely self-supporting and has, in addition to Manufacturing, its own Engineering, Quality, Logistics Buying & Scheduling, Sales & Supply, Personnel Administration and Finance departments.

In response to the demands and product specifications of the automotive and construction industries, the Terwa group has invested in a stock of modern, advanced machinery which runs seven days per week in a cycle of three eight-hour shifts per day.

As well as investing in production resources, the Terwa group of course invests in its employees; education and training form a constant process within the organization as a whole.

Consistent quality, produced in an efficient production environment, and innovative production techniques constitute the main building blocks with which Terwa’s existing position in the automotive and construction industry will be expanded and strengthened in the future.




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