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ALC Alligator coupler rental kit




  • Use a high speed and strong torque wrench.
  • For instance, for electric power:
    The Makita TW 1000 (Large Hammer for Greater Impact Power) Powerful (1000Nm) of Max Torque and large square drive capacity (1") for the heavy-duty applications. Efficient impact system (1,500 IPM) or for air supply the Snap-on tools: AT1300A Torque Range (Nm) (813-1898)
  • Try to prevent additional momentum during mounting/ shearing off of the bolts.
  • When using an air impact wrench check the air pressure, torque rating and air flow requirements before starting the installation process.
  • It is recommended to use an impact wrench rated 2x the bolt torque.
  • Bolt heads are not required to be removed/sheared off if appropriate bolt torque is achieved.
  • When the space in the element is not enough to use a pneumatic wrench or an electric one, you can use a torque hand wrench to shear the bolt or to achieve the torque momentum. The wrench momentum has to be 2x the bolt torque.
ALC rental kit mounting


The above-mentioned wrenches are available in boxes with the necessary tooling for the shearing off of the bolts M12, M16 and M20.


                     ALC Electric Mounting Kit Makita TW 1000 60627               ALC Pneumatic Mounting Kit SNAP on tools AT1300A 60626.png

Art. 60627

Art. 60626

ALC Electric Mounting Kit Makita TW 1000

ALC Pneumatic Mounting Kit SNAP on tools: AT1300A



Aluminum box

Product no.

Type wrench

Torque moment (Nm)



Makita TW 1000




 Snap-On AT1300A




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