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Fastening Plates

TFPT and TFPR fastening plates are steel parts that are installed before the concrete hardens. The plates transfer the loads from plate to the concrete structure.  Structural fixings are made by welding to the steel plate.
• No commercial or technical limitations, free movement of the products over borders
• Ease of design; pre calculated capacities can be used together with Eurocode all over EU
• Products are authorized to have CE-marking. Products fulfill the required quality and safety criteria’s
• Pre calculated capacities speed up the design work
• Standardized products enable fast deliveries directly from storage
• Multitude of material options and combinations enable the use even in the most demanding cases
• Different types of fastening plates available for all sorts of loading situations

  • Fastening Plates
  • Fastening Plates

Products and specifications

Description Product no.
TFPR-150-150-220 49160
TFPR-150-200-220 49161
TFPR-150-250-220 49162
TFPR-200-200-220 49163
TFPR-200-250-220 49164
TFPR-200-300-280 49166
TFPR-250-250-220 49165
TFPR-300-300-280 49167
TFPR-400-400-280 49168
TFPR-500-500-280 49169
TFPT- 100-100-068 49172
TFPT- 100-200-162 49175
TFPT- 100-300-165 49178
TFPT- 150-150-162 49174
TFPT- 200-200-162 49176
TFPT- 250-250-165 49177
TFPT- 300-300-165 49180
TFPT-050-100-068 49171
TFPT-100-150-070 49173
TFPT-200-300-165 49179

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