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The 3D Lifting Systems TH2 and THR2 are made of high quality steel and are designed with a safety factor of 5. Every Lifting System is individually tested for a safety factor 3 times the working load and comes with a unique certificate. The special design of the clutch ensures a tight, safe connection to the anchor. Of course the shackle fits the hemispherical cavity created by the recess former perfectly. The lifting clutch, recess former and anchor are only combined when they are from the same load group. The load group is clearly marked on the lifting clutch.

  • TH2
  • TH2
  • TH2

Products and specifications

Description Product no.
TH2-013 43143
TH2-025 43144
TH2-040/050 43145
TH2-075/100 43146
TH2-150/200 43147
TH2-320 43148
TH2-450 44500


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