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NEW PRODUCT: TSB Terwa Starter Box

NEW PRODUCT: TSB Terwa Starter Box


We would like to inform you that the Terwa Starter Box (TSB) has been added to our product range.

Terwa Starter Box - type S

Terwa Starter Boxes are composed of longitudinal steel profiles (rails), made of perforated, galvanized steel plate with ribbed reinforcement bars mounted into them. These rebar loops are bent into the profile which is closed off with thick protective tape to prevent concrete from entering during casting. After demoulding the tape can be removed to bend out the rebar loops and splice them with the adjacent rebar.

TSB, when cast into concrete, can be used to make vertical and horizontal connections in rebar cages in joints in both precast and in-situ structures such as, wall-wall connections and wall-floor connections.

The modular nature of the starter box allows for fast and continuous application of the product which will reduce labor-costs and eliminates manual splicing of stirrups and hairpins into the rebar cage.

The Terwa Starter Box is available in six different types and various sizes. For more information please visit our Terwa Starter Box page or contact us on: info@terwa.com.

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