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NEW PRODUCT: Terwa Column Centralizers

NEW PRODUCT: Terwa Column Centralizers


We have added a new product to our range: the Terwa Column Centralizers. Column Centralizers represent an optimal solution for concrete columns fastening, facilitating the installation on site, saving time and ensuring a correct position of the concrete columns in foundation. The system consists of two spherical connectors made from sheet steel.

The two connectors are embedded in the column and in the foundation block, ensuring a joint between the two elements. For this reason, we recommend ordering these connectors in pairs.


Terwa Centralizing connectors Centerliners image 15.jpg
The Centralizing Connectors are used exclusively for centering and aligning the precast columns on site, during the installation process
Terwa Centralizing connectors Centerliners image 17.jpg
The connectors permit the column to
pivotate keeping a fix contact point



The connectors have four bended corners, specially designed for good embedment in concrete. The design ensures a good position in the concrete element and an easy installation.


Terwa Centralizing connectors Foundation Connector Centerliners image 2.jpg
Foundation Connector
Terwa Centralizing connectors Column Connector Centerliners image 3.jpg
Column Connector


Main advantages of the Column Centralizers:

  • Simple solutions for the installation of precast concrete columns on site
  • Cheap and easy to use
  • Easily fixed to the formwork
  • The design of the connectors prevents changing shape during use


For more information please visit our Column Centralizers page.


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