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The TSE reinforcement coupler is made of reinforcement steel standard B450C, B500B or B500C according to EN 10080 and BS4449, forged at one end and then metric thread rolled. The end diameter is enlarged more than the rebar diameter to increase the strength of the thread for tensile and shear loads. To connect with a PSA reinforcement coupler, the TSE coupler is screwed in coupler PKB the entire length of the thread.
Other lengths are available on request: TSE– diam. d – thread x length (L) in mm.


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Products and specifications

Description Product no.
TSE-12-M16-0200 44704
TSE-12-M16-0375 43581
TSE-12-M16-0575 43582
TSE-12-M16-0600 47435
TSE-12-M16-0800 43583
TSE-12-M16-1000 43584
TSE-12-M16-1500 43585
TSE-12-M16-2000 43586
TSE-16-M20-0200 46859
TSE-16-M20-0520 43594
TSE-16-M20-0770 43595
TSE-16-M20-0800 46788
TSE-16-M20-1020 43596
TSE-16-M20-1440 43597
TSE-16-M20-2200 43598
TSE-20-M24-0200 44546
TSE-20-M24-0665 43606
TSE-20-M24-0965 43607
TSE-20-M24-1280 43608
TSE-20-M24-1800 43609
TSE-20-M24-2200 43610
TSE-25-M30-1000 43614
TSE-25-M30-1500 43615
TSE-25-M30-2260 43616
TSE-25-M30-3500 60458
TSE-32-M42-1000 45182
TSE-32-M42-1400 43627
TSE-32-M42-2300 43628


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