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The Terwa End Coupler provides an efficient alternative to the traditional bending of rebar in concrete connection details. Terwa End Coupler consists of a round steel disc with a threaded hole in the center, which fits the PSA-PSC, TSE or PSE connection. The product is available in a galvanized and uncoated version.

Terwa End Couplers meet the ACI 318 and Eurocode 2 concerning the development lengths for reinforcement steel. The End Coupler is designed and tested to ensure proper anchoring in concrete, having a contact area equal to 9 times the rebar cross section area, or a minimum diameter of 3 times the rebar diameter.


Products and specifications

Description Product no.
TEC-M12-black 61556
TEC-M12-EV 61614
TEC-M16-black 61557
TEC-M16-EV 61615
TEC-M20-black 61558
TEC-M20-EV 61616
TEC-M24-black 61613
TEC-M24-EV 61617
TEC-M30-black 61560
TEC-M30-EV 61618
TEC-M36-black 61561
TEC-M36-EV 61619
TEC-M42-black 61562
TEC-M42-EV 61620
TEC-M48-black 61563
TEC-M48-EV 61621

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