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TWSK position couplers can be used in combination with the Terwa couplers and are available for steel reinforcing bars with diameters ranging from 10 to 40 mm. This is the perfect solution for connecting two rebars when it is not possible to rotate one or both of the bars.
They also provide a solution for the connection between the steel reinforcement carcass of the monolith and precast concrete elements.
A TWSK position coupler consists of a threaded bolt (SK), two nuts to secure the system and a threaded bush (BK). The couplers have the CE marking, are tested for certification and are manufactured in accordance with technical standards.

  • TWSK
  • TWSK

Products and specifications

Description Product no.
TWSK-M12 60839
TWSK-M16 60840
TWSK-M20 60841
TWSK-M24 60842
TWSK-M30 60843
TWSK-M36 60844
TWSK-M42 60845
TWSK-M48 60846

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