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Grout Coupler

The Grout Coupler UX(SA) is applicable for congested rebar patterns and smaller cross section areas. The couplers can be used in a wide range of construction, structural, and civil engineering applications. It is mainly used in precast as well as in areas requiring higher strength rebar connections such as columns and beams.

The Grout Coupler system provides:

  • superior workability that does not require skilled training
  • contributes to shortened construction period
  • labor savings
  • cost reduction
  • Grout Coupler
  • Grouth Coupler img 1+WM.jpg

Products and specifications

Description Product no.
Grout Coupler 10UX (SA) 67598
Grout Coupler 11UX (SA) 67599
Grout Coupler 12UX (SA) 67600
Grout Coupler 13UX (SA) 67601
Grout Coupler 5UX (SA) 67593
Grout Coupler 6UX (SA) 67594
Grout Coupler 7UX (SA) 67595
Grout Coupler 8UX (SA) 67596
Grout Coupler 9UX (SA) 67597

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