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TPM Update

TPM Update

We would like to inform you that our TPM recess former design with separate magnets is replaced by its successor with ring magnet. The old articlenumbers will be omitted as of now.

Description Old article number New article number
TPM-10-M12 47246 63867
TPM-10-M16 48160 63868
TPM-10-M20 48161 63869
TPM-10-M24 48162 63870
TPM-10-M30 47380 63871
TPM-10-M36 48163 63872
TPM-10-M42 48164 63873
TPM-10-M52 48165 63874


The recess former consists of a stainless steel disc in which a magnetic ring in a steel casing has been embedded. This improved design, has greater durability and magnetic force. The dimensions of the new TPM line up with the recently updated KU-products and is compatible with most Terwa products with a threaded bush. Suitable for both metric and round thread.

For more information about this product see TPM recess former.

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