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NEW PRODUCT: Bended loop - TBL

NEW PRODUCT: Bended loop - TBL


A new product has been added to our assortiment: the Bended loop - TBL.

TBL Technical image.jpg

The threaded lifting loop (TBL) is made of high-grade steel wire rope according EN 12385-4, swaged in a steel ferrule made of steel S355JR. A label marked with the admissible load and the code number of the testing is attached to each bended lifting loop. 

Exposed loops can be attached to standard crane hooks. The curvature radius of the crane hook should at least be equal to the diameter of the wire rope. 

TBL 2.jpg

Before concreting the precast element, the Bended Loops are installed into the mould. To avoid movement during concrete pouring the Bended Loops must be tied to the mesh reinforcement. The lifting devices can be hooked on the upper end of the Bended Loop only after the concrete strength has reached 15 MPa.

These lifting systems are suitable for use through a single cycle from production to final installation. They are not suitable for multiple use applications.


For more information please visit our Bended loop - TBL page. 

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