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KU CAP DIE now available

KU CAP DIE now available

As of now our KU Cap Die is available in KU sizes M8 to M52.

Description Article number
KU-CD M12-M16 63100
KU-CD M20-M24 64150
KU-CD M30-M36 63101
KU-CD M42-M52 63103


The KU Cap Die is a polyurethane mat with the purpose of creating concrete tiles for filling in recesses formed by the KU-10 nailing plate and to give it a nice clean finish. The mold can be used on both smooth and profiled surfaces and can be filled with concrete in the same color as the precast element as to minimise the color difference. After hardening of the tiles they can easily be removed from the mold and be mounted into the element with tileglue or moutinggrout. Each mold has a lifespan of approximately 100 uses and we recommend to apply the correct stripping wax.

For more information about this product please check the following page: KU-CD or contact us at: info@terwa.com

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