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BIM object library

BIM object library

TERWA introduces the BIM object library for the precast and construction industry. 
Suppliers and designers can download 3D Tekla components from this library.
The Terwa 3D components can help the designer, reduce the working time and better detailing in a simple and efficient way.

Below an overview of the downloads which are available in the Terwa BIM library.

In the coming weeks we will update the following products:

  • Alligator couplers
  • Fixing inserts
  • Patent system

Would you rather go directly to the TERWA page at Tekla Warehouse?
Click here and view the complete overview of all 3D user components of TERWA

If you have any questions about our components or working method in 3D, please send your email request to info@terwa.com.


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Terwa is a company with more than 20 years’ experience in the production of metal components for the construction...

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