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Our new product:The Lifting assembly TRW 600KN.
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Our new product:The Lifting assembly TRW 600KN.

views 5394 | 1/8/2015 9:11:10 AM | comments 0

Dear Partners,

In this installment, we proudly present you our new Lifting assembly, TRW 600KN.


TRW 600 kN consists in four PSA anchors (photo 2) mounted in the precast element (in the 

reinforcement installation phase) and a reusable lifting system (photo 3).

The assembly was used for the lifting and the installation of the first concrete precast element,

 part of the „Underground Pedestrian Passage Project” (Kiseleff Av. Bucharest - Romania)


Taking into account the considerable weight of 240 tonnes of the  precast element  (a premiere for                     

 the construction market in Romania), four assemblies TRW 600 kN have been successfully used in  

a transport – mounting timed operation  (the traffic closing authorization being valid for only 24 hours), 

in one of the busiest boulevard’s  in Bucharest.

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