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Position Coupler TERWA -TWSK
3 jun 2015 | 0 reacties

Our new product:The Lifting assembly TRW 600KN.
8 jan 2015 | 0 reacties

Terwa Centralizers for Precast Concrete Columns
24 okt 2014 | 0 reacties

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Position Coupler TERWA -TWSK

6/3/2015 8:24:59 AM


    TERWA has the pleasure to present you the Position Coupler TWSK

The TWSK coupler can be used together with the Terwa Patent System couplers, being available for steel reinforcement with diameters ranging from 10 to 40 mm.

It is a perfect solution for the connection of two reinforcement bars where the rotation for one or both bars is not possible. Also TWSK solves an important problem, the connection between the steel reinforcement carcasses for the monolith and precast concrete elements.

TWSK  is composed of a SK threaded bolt, two nuts to block the system and a threaded BK bush. The couplers had the CE marking and are certificated being tested and made in accordance to technical norms.

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Our new product:The Lifting assembly TRW 600KN.

1/8/2015 9:11:10 AM

Dear Partners,

In this installment, we proudly present you our new Lifting assembly, TRW 600KN.


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Terwa Centralizers for Precast Concrete Columns

10/24/2014 9:29:23 AM

            Terwa centralizing fixing connector represents an optimal solution for concrete columns fastening, facilitating the installation on site, saving time and ensuring a correct position. The system consist in two spherical connectors made from steel, with a radius of 30,5 mm.  The two connectors are embedded in the column and in the foundation, ensuring a joint between the two elements.

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